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Localed Steel City Sheffield


lo-cal-d Localed: Verb: An act to show belonging or relation to a particular area, most commonly a hometown.  

Based on the outskirts of Sheffield, we plan to enhance local pride (because there's not enough already in Sheffield!) as well as the pride of it's neighbouring towns and cities as our operation expands! Support Local businesss, support Localed clothing!

  • Biography as of October 2012

    'How cool would it be to run a clothing label?'

    Is the just of how it all started.

    The opportunity to turn this 'cool' idea into a reality was given to us by Young Enterprise (October 2011) who for those who don't know is a charity/competition where young people start up and manage their own enterprise. But making a clothing label isn't an easy job with such a saturated market, it was critical to get the right brand and identity, something niche which a wider market would like. Eventually we agreed on something that could be pretty cool.

    Tee Shirt My Town, was the first idea. There's a lot of local pride in Sheffield, and nationally there is a lot of local pride, nearly every girl had a 'I <3 ...' tote bag, but that's mainly what there was in the market, just tote bags, nothing more. What if we were to make t-shirts with a local themed design made by local artists and stock it in local stores?

    Tee Shirt My Town quickly changed names to Localed because we didnt want to restrict ourselves to t-shirts, and it was more unique. Printed via heat transfer, Localed 1 had a wide selection of designs including a big robot with 'STEEL CITY' and the Welcome to Las Vegas sign but with Chezvegas, which are now included in our current designs.

    Due to exams and being overwhelmed with work, Localed was put on pause. Come December 2011, 2 of the original team, Jon and Jack got together to start thinking about reigniting the Localed brand. By February, Localed 2 got it's first batch of stock which were superior to the old Localed stock. The new Chezvegas and Steel City shirts sold out within the first month and the shirts were stocked in 3 stores, Balance, Our Sheffield (sheffield students union) and The Vintage Store (now A New Shop) by March 2012.

    Localed released a spin off 'Heart of Steel' line in April '12 bringing hoodies into the mix of products. Then the Steel City design was refreshed for Autumn. Now (October) Localed has Manchester and Nottingham designs ready for print to push forward on its GLOBAL DOMINATION. With a lovely warm Winter range on the horizon too.

    Watch this space, we've got some big plans and ambitions!. 

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